Health and Wellness

Health Forms and Physicals

All new, transfer, and readmit students are expected to complete page one and the front flap of a health form that will be mailed to you at your home address on file with Saint Mary’s prior to the start of the academic year. Please be sure to complete all of the information requested and submit a copy of your health insurance card. Please refer to the health insurance policy for more details.

Need Another Health Form?

Our office is closed during the summer, but messages will be picked up once a week. You may call 507-457-1492 and request a new form be mailed to you. You may also contact the Office of Admission at 507-457-1700 and request a form be sent to you.


Saint Mary’s does not require that all students have a physical. Physicals are required under the following conditions.

Any student participating in intercollegiate athletics must have had a physical exam within three months prior to the beginning of his/her season

Your healthcare provider should complete page two of the health form. This form should be turned into the Student Health Office. Please do not turn the form into your coach, the trainer, or anyone else on campus. Doing so could result in your being unable to start your sport.
Chronic Health Problems

Any student with a chronic health problem such as asthma, diabetes, epilepsy, mental health conditions, or physical disabilities is expected to have a physical within three to six months prior to the start of his or her first semester at Saint Mary’s. In addition, the physician should supply additional information regarding treatment, medication, or other special needs as warranted for continued care while at school.

The university may request that a student complete a physical or provide appropriate medical documentation in the event of concern about a stated or suspected health condition.

Where to Obtain Your Physical
Ideally your physical should be completed by your primary provider. For these purposes a primary provider is limited to a medical doctor, nurse practitioner, or physician’s assistant. In the event this is not possible, Student Health Services will be happy to assist the student in obtaining an appointment in Winona. Any costs related to obtaining a physical are the responsibility of the student.