Health and Wellness

Student Health Services

Student Health Services seeks to foster an environment that encourages healthy living and support iyou in times of illness. in order to do this, we need your help! There are specific requirements for all new, transfer, and re-admitted students. In addition, there are recommended actions that we encourage each of you to take before coming to college. Please return these documents to us prior your first semester at Saint Mary’s University.

Student Health History Form: This provides basic health history information which will be placed in your chart within Student Health Services. This allows us to more effectively support you and connect you with resources, as needed.

Immunizations. Minnesota state law requires that w collect documentation of MMR and tetanus vaccination. Additional vaccinations, listed in Student Health History Form, are strongly recommended prior to beginning college.

Athletics Pre-participation Evaluation Form: This is only required for athletes planning to participate in intercollegiate sports (not required for club or intramural sports). The history form is to be completed by the student and accompanied by a physical exam by a healthcare provider within the 6 months prior to your first practice. Do not return this form to Student Health Services. You will receive an email explaining how to upload this directly to the athletics department via the Health Roster site.

Documentation of Health Status: A general physical is recommended for all students prior to entering college. For students with mental or physical health conditions, we request a statement documenting your current health status and how you plan to manage your health while away at college (i.e. continue seeing your home healthcare provider/counselor or receive care through Student Health/Counseling Services).

Insurance Information: We strong recommend that all students have health insurance. We request a copy (front and back) of your insurance card which will be kept in your student health file. In addition, it is recommended that students carry a copy of their health insurance card to facilitate filling prescriptions or receiving healthcare services off-campus, if needed.

Student Checklist:


  • Document 2 MMR vaccinations and your most recent tetanus (Td or Tdap) vaccination
  • Complete and return the Student Health History Form
  • Athletes complete and upload the Pre-Participation Athletics Form to be the Healthy Roster site (including physical examination)


  • Schedule a physical exam
  • Receive recommended vaccinations
  • If you have a chronic condition (mental or physical) provide documentation of your status and plans for management while at college.
  • Provide a photocopy of your health insurance card (front and back)

Please mail the above information to:
Saint Mary’s University of Minnesota
Student Health Services
700 Terrace Heights #81
Winona, MN 55987

We look forward to working with you the upcoming year!